Along the principal street of Accra I see the needy languish in poverty. But the wealthy ignores the needy
The needy is ready to receive help from the wealthy But the wealthy is greedy and ignores the plights of the needy.

The wealthy lounges in luxury day-in-and-day-out
The needy lives in misery day-in-and-day-out
The wealthy joins the gentry who do not consider the elementary needs of the needy
Not to talk of even giving the needy a paltry sum of money for his daily upkeep
The wealthy is eager to make more money
But the needy is desperately in need of a meagre help to sort himself out
The wealthy overlooks that just to garner more accolades to flaunt his achievements
The poor continues to stagger in poverty as the wealthy becomes brute, greedy and sadistic
Oh! Who shall deliver the poor from this misery and pain?
The needy has become a laughing stock of the wealthy
The wealthy continues to be greedy and treats the needs of the poor with disdain
For the wealthy, there is no pity for the abject poverty of the poor and needy
The poor writhes in pain and misery and can’t gain the attention of any helper
Oh! Who shall deliver the poor?
The poor continues to writhe in pain and misery
The wealthy continues to make more and more money out of his misfortunes
The rich continues to charge illegitimate interest on their loans to the needy
No one bemoans the cry that the poor suffers so much beyond imagination
The needy cries aloud with dirges and eulogies
The wealthy is not ready to write off his debt
The poor continues to writhe in pain and misery
The wealthy makes more profits out of his misfortunes
The needy loses the appetite to fight for his right to live
The poor faces great and sore troubles each day
The poor finally comes to the end of the rope
But he finds hope as he approaches God Almighty with all solemnity
The needy finds the remedy to his plights
The wealthy is ready to learn from that remedy
As the table of life makes a U-turn
Who can overturn this paradigm shift?
Nobody is able to do so
The poor now finds favour after his long years of labour
He can’t harbor pain and distress any longer
He finds relief and comfort as he makes gains.The needy who once experienced misery and wore loyal and loathsome attire
Today retires into his mansion with an awesome royal finery
The needy suffered persecution and chastisement in the past
Today his life is replete with appreciation and complete excitement
He finally makes a transition from his distal attic room into his mansion
His God didn’t break the covenant He made with him as a tenant
Today he is no more a tenant who had a penchant for luxurious home
Today his expectation has been met!
“For the needy shall not always be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall not perish forever”(Psalms 9:18)
“The beauty of God in mankind lies indeed in the duty of man to take solace in Almighty God to replace his plight with His might to fight to get to the highest of height” ECG
“A greedy wealthy man is not worthy to be recognized by a well meaning society since he is not ready to provide the remedy to the many problems of the poor and needy. He lives in his own world on earth devoid of charity and finds no pity for the abject poverty of humanity”



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