The day we will stop creating the enabling environment through peace talks for development and stability to prevail in our world we will all find ourselves in pieces. If we don’t as a people ensure the prevalence and flow of peace and tranquility, then we have just publicly decided to overthrow not only an individual but the whole humanity, and the overt result is that we don’t enthrone anyone which would in the end attract the wrath and judgment of posterity tomorrow. If there was no peace and tranquility yesterday (past), it only goes to remind us of the needed efforts we need to make to ensuring the flow of peace today (present) to spare or exempt humanity from the wrath and judgment by posterity tomorrow (future).

One very disturbing situation in our world today is how that many provide the platform for others to foment evil and cause insurgency. Every anti-peace agent/ambassador (APA) is an anti-progress agent (APA) who betrays humanity by capitulating to the whims and caprices of the devil to wreak mayhem and destruction. But a supporter of peace agent/ambassador (SUPA) is a progress agent who helps in the promotion of peace, tranquility and stability of humanity by capitulating to the whims and caprices of charity or the love of Christ.

Anti-peace agents are hooligans familiar with the use of guns and ammunitions as a better alternative to solving humanity problems, but unfortunately they end up increasing the problems of humanity. They simply like to resort to the use of arms and ammunitions rather than love. Humanity doesn’t need ammunitions to solve its problems but charity. If we will ever compose a better message or song for posterity, then we need to vehemently oppose the tool of violence―hostility and be exposed to the tool of non-violence―charity to legitimately depose from office any violent person to propose a nonviolent person to take over the hem of affairs.

I wish those hooligans who love to use violence can become suffragans, who like to resort to the use of the love of Christ to solve the problems of humanity. If we will ever develop as a country we would have to wage a massive campaign against any group of people who are anti-peace agents through the tool of dialogue by being friendly and gentle. Anything that has to do with peace and tranquility is devoid of hostility, animosity and ferocity but replete with gentility, hospitality, serenity, generosity, charity and friendliness. You can’t in any way win your so called enemies to your way of thinking if you use violence. What is happening in our world and neighboring country today is just most unfortunate. How I wish those anti peace agents can come to realize that where there is no peace we are all destroyed to pieces.

I call on all and sundry especially youngsters not to become hobbledehoy youths who will serve as the convoy for politicians and any envoy of the devil to use them to foment evil and insurgency that destabilizes the peace and security we enjoy as a nation. The only way we can prevent endless atrocities concerning this election and beyond is to use the tool of peace because the word ‘‘PEACE’’ is

We need peace everywhere―homes, churches, schools, workplaces and the like. This can be achieved with a concerted effort and commitment from all and sundry. One thing I like about Dr Martin Lutter King Jnr is the fact that in his quest to lead in his fight against racial inequality he did it in nonviolent approach taking cue and advice from pacifists like the Veteran African-American civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, white activists Harris Wofford and Glenn Smiley and other pacifist essayist and the works of Protestant theologians like Henry David Thoreau, Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich. In fact it was after his visit to Indian pacifist Mathama Gandhi, that he took inspiration from Gandhi’s success with nonviolent activism as he reflected in a radio address made during his final evening in India: ‘‘Since being in India, I am more convinced than ever before that the method of nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for justice and human dignity’’. His association with Gandhi positively affected him so much that as he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, he hailed the ‘‘successful precedent’’ of using nonviolence in a magnificent way by Mohandas K. Gandhi to challenge the might of the British Empire. Indeed we can’t mention great men who had religious fervor against the ferocity of racial intolerance and segregation without mentioning Christian anarchist Leo Tolstoy.

It is said that King, Gandhi and Tolstoy were people who were strongly influenced by Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. If indeed Martin Lutter struggled only with the weapons of gentility, friendliness, truth, soul force, non-injury and courage as he remained resolute to achieve his dream then I can assure you that it is the surest way to go if we will ever be able to make the world remember us for any good thing regarding peace and tranquility. Always remember what Jesus said on the mountain: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God’’ (Matthew 5:9). The fact that Jesus said this on a mountain and not in the valley suggests to me that if we can live with each other in peace and harmony we will be on top and not beneath. The whole world will see elevation like never before. Let’s ensure the flow of peace and tranquility in the coming election, and we will not only see an overflow of development and prosperity but also see Ghana, our beloved country garner more accolades to put its name on the map as the beacon of democracy in the world. Remember don’t be an APA but a SUPA!
With Shalom.

Etse Clement Gagbe
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