Judgment! Judgment! Judgment! The message of Jesus Christ to the church resonating in the mind of the discerning saints in these last days. Today’s church message is replete with prosperity and others rather than salvation that seeks to root out and bring a complete end to corruption and iniquity that have befallen humanity. I pity and cry for stomach pastors and preachers who hide under the cloak of Christianity to peddle masterstroke, palpable lies and falsehood  leading their church congregation and the saints of God to deception and destruction as they treat the work of God with disdain. It won’t be long their works will be exposed and they would be treated with the contempt that they deserve. An ordained man of God who treats the work of God with disdain has nothing to offer humanity with his mundane mentality and nothing but adverse calamity is what awaits him in the end because of his long years of engaging in lies and deception of God’s people, cruelty, greed, selfishness and insensitivity towards the needs of humanity.

If my memory serves me right, the last time I carried out a research on the G-roles of the five-fold ministry, I came to a full realization that the work of the Apostle is to GOVERN, the prophet is to GUIDE, the evangelist is to GATHER, the teacher is to GROUND and the pastor is to GUARD the flock of God as He prepares them for the second coming of Christ. This is what God expected from the early church and they did it diligently and perfectly without being flippant about it.

When names like Paul, John the Baptist, Peter and many more are mentioned, one thing comes to mind, servants of God who laboured for the dissemination of the gospel for the salvation of humanity for it to make it to heaven to spend eternity and not because of their stomach. These are people whose works were geared towards ensuring that the church survives centuries and beyond amidst the challenges it is confronted with until the second coming of Christ, the reason for which they left an indelible blueprint mark. This is the stark reality of the early church (Jerusalem church). Obviously, today, we do not need a rocket scientist to tell us with empirical evidence of the enormous emergence of stomach and false prophets who have taken all over the media air waves and at the nook cranny of the world setting up churches to promote their diabolic agendas.

It is no wonder, therefore, that Apostle Paul in Romans 19:18 remarked:  ‘‘…..for they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple’’. Paul could clearly tell in his days how some people did the work of God because of their stomach, the reason for which he writes to tell us to be discerning so that we don’t become victims of deception. We can’t in any way take this comment lightly because if we do the church loses its very significance and purpose on earth.

I am one person who will not renege on my resolve to ensuring that the sanctity and credibility of the church are restored in these last days where there have been on the increase stomach and false prophets who have become vessels of the devil to tarnish and dent the image of the church that was purchased with the precious and priceless blood of Jesus Christ. One thing worth talking about in the early Church is the fact that there was fellowship in terms of sharing, caring and love between the leadership and membership but we see in today’s church a fellowship devoid of sharing, caring and love but replete with showmanship in terms of giftings, nice dress, nice car, nice personality among others, both in the leadership and membership. What the church needs is leadership characterized by love and stewardship and not showmanship and arrogance!

Today, stomach pastors have become masters of corruption if not headmasters and scheme together as they twist the scriptures to satisfy their own parochial interest. For them God’s greatest interest for the rest (souls) is not their topmost/maximum priority but their minimum priority as they pursue earthly things like flashy cars, wealth, fame, meritocracy, fortunes and the likes. For them the profound statement ‘‘….freely ye have received, freely give’’ (Matthew 10:8) made by Jesus is not what they practice. For them they go by the saying: “freely have we received and freely must we feel our belly with extorted items and gifts as the congregation rally behind us in our defense even when we are not in the right”. They reverse the above verse as they converse with their church members during what they call CONSULTATION. They take all kinds of gifts including gargantuan sum of money from their members before attending to them to prescribe a remedy to their problems. Some go to the extent of having sexual intercourse with their members before they offer them help. Oh! What are we turning the church into?

I thought the word consultation was used in respect of medical doctors but today it is not so. The church is gradually becoming a place of business transactions where pastors sell things like oil, water, handkerchiefs and the likes to enrich their pockets and not to better the lives of people. Hmmm I wish these business transactions can guarantee the salvation of their congregation! I must hasten to add without mincing words that the church is not an industrial hub for pastors to make business but a ministerial arena for pastors to guard their congregation from the possibility of backsliding as they are fed with the unadulterated word of God. In other words the church is a place for pastors to strive to see their congregation thrive in biblical knowledge and not to make it a business centre. Other wise, peradventure Jesus will as well say about today’s church as being made a den of thieves as He said some years ago since today some pastors have become pundits in the work as bandits and not true men of God who don’t take credits for the signs and wonders they perform!

Today, stomach pastors have become not doctors but monsters and with their sophistries deceive the saints as they lead them to a doom and gloom future with their diabolic agendas. If pastors don’t see the gifts given them by God as pro bono to better the lives of people, then I can assure them that their destruction will come in due time like an ultra- modern magnificent palace set on a raging inferno and the domino effect will be their eternal languishing in hell fire as a result of their impenitence as opined by the discerning saints.

Nicodemus’ visitation to Jesus was a free consultation because he needed salvation but today our visitation to pastors is paid consultation borne out of deep seated desperation which has nothing to do with our salvation but geared towards portents, signs and wonders, miracles, breakthroughs and wealth accumulation or aquisition as asserted by the discerning saints.  If the church congregation or better still Christians will ever come to decipher what is truth and lies, then they need to appreciate the fact that the death of Jesus Christ does not in any way present the opportunity for any pastor to extort and pilfer from them as they suffer because of their scriptural ineptitude.

If Christians who form a long queue in times of consultation for their so called breakthroughs and miracles don’t take a cue from what we say, there will be no need for them to sue any pastor who capriciously extort from them. The clue is that don’t wait to be deceived and in the end view the battle in the light of the court when skirmishes ensue but rather see the battle immediately in the light of your thought pattern as you imbue yourself with scriptural knowledge to avoid becoming a victim of these false and stomach pastors who have been on the rise in these last days.

Nothing makes me sad and shock to the marrow than when I see pastors engage in needless competition as to who has the biggest congregation, nicest church edifice, who can do more miracles, who can speak at length in glossolalia or better still who prays for longer hours, who preaches with revelations to excite the crowd or congregation among others, rather than being concerned about the great commission which is Christ’s greatest vision for the church. Hmmm one day both pastors and their congregation have a question to answer!

Today, many who are not called forcibly call themselves as apostles, prophets, pastors and likes as they use the pulpit as the conduit to commit abominable crimes, evil and not to propagate the message of Christ but the message of the antichrist. Some motto is to churn out lotto numbers for their members so that just in case their members win, they can have their part of the money. Indeed if these pastors are endowed with the anointing to churn out lotto numbers for their members, may be they would secretly be engaged in this lottery business themselves to make more money to enrich themselves. Hmmm could it be that it is a sham exercise?

Principal among these pastors are those who consult all kinds of mediums, powers and engage in sorcery and divination in making prophecies and all kinds of miracles that sway their congregation and the saints of God from the very true word of God. If the congregation can come to the realization that what they need is not miracles and prophecies to lay hold on eternal life, they will escape deception and damnation which these pastors intend for them.

Also if believers or better still we Christians of today can learn to become like the Bereans, pastors will not preach the gospel to satisfy their own parochial interest even as they become epicureans but their messages will be discerned through the power of the Holy Spirit as we put in strenuous and endless efforts in the search of the scriptures.

Today, stomach pastors have adopted a way of making or bringing excitement to their congregation as they make them go through paid consultation as the only requirement for their breakthroughs misleading them with false prophecies and miracles that have led to the indictment of the church as an institution. I don’t think it will be in the interest of Paul, Peter and many others who suffered in diverse ways primarily for the dissemination of the gospel for our salvation see us remain incommunicado as these stomach and false prophets continually build bravado in promoting their diabolic agendas with their pseudo prophecies and miracles; and their general untoward conduct in society.

I therefore want you to join me in the fray to express this righteous furor over these recent untoward happenings as I mirror in my writing this error which is gaining ascendency in Christendom that seeks to populate hell, the kingdom of the devil. This rot ought to stop. This is food for thought!

I beseech you reader by the mercies of God that you study the word of God yourself so that as these pastors breach God’s word when they preach you can teach them a lesson by exposing their works to inure to the benefit of the sanctity of the church universal.

If Christians of today will build an indefatigable attitude towards learning the scriptures, they will not be deceived with blatant lies and falsehood as those so called pastors mumble words and messages from their pulpit that seek to make them stumble and crumble. In the end they will not be miserable and become vulnerable targets for the devil but will be formidable and stable in the faith as they double their efforts to humble themselves in the study of the word through the able leadership of the HOLY SPIRIT and will be exempted from any trouble in these last days that will make them laughable when their lives are finally in shambles. Remember your ability to stand strong and stable in the faith will determine your fate in the next age as remarked by the discerning saints.

Today, some pastors are more interested in titles rather than mantles to keep them labouring assiduously in God’s vineyard. If titles were what we need to fight the battles of life as we vehemently labour in the kingdom for the greatest good of the church, then there will be no need for us to chase after mantles since we can easily confer on ourselves titles like Major prophet Dr ECG or better still Apostle prof Dr Dr ECG at any given time. Hmmm how titles are stifling our efforts to do more in the kingdom! God does not in any way confer on us titles like prophet, apostle, pastor and the likes, in order for us to engage in funfair as we satisfy our own parochial interest but to see to the welfare of our congregation both spiritually and physically as asserted by the discerning saints.

If all you want to do is to call yourself when you have not been called, as you attend a Bible school to be conferred on you titles like prophet, apostle, evangelist among others, in order for you to come to fortune and fame and not necessarily to lead the people of God to His word, then prepare for your shame as you are consigned to oblivion.

If your intension is to put messages that will bring salvation to your congregation on probation or relegation, then prepare yourself to be on probation or relegation as God visits on you destruction for His people to receive salvation as He uses faithful and truthful servants.

One day these stomach pastors and false prophets will come ICONICALLY touting their so called achievements and Christ will respond LACONICALLY in no uncertain terms saying “I DON’T KNOW YOU: DEPART FROM ME, YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY “.

With love






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