Doubts About Credibility of Ghana Bass Awards Organizers


Ghana Bass Awards was launched in 2012 by Rackus Production, in partnership with Bullhaus Entertainment and Solid Multimedia. The Ghana Bass Awards scheme is designed to award Ghanaian Dancehall and Reggae musicians as well as artistes who dominated Ghana music through out the year. This years edition of the award nomination is ongoing and doubt about the awards organizers is raising some important questions about the awards.

In an open letter sent to us by Mr Isaac McPrah (Ghana Liason of Sanstorms Records in Jamaica, USA, UK, Germany) for publication questions on whether Bass Awards is Credible?. Upon receiving the letter we did our little research to find information about the awards and surprisingly the “BASS AWARDS” name is an existing award scheme for “International Awards of Motion Graphics, Animation and Broadcast Design”. We finally stumble on site supposedly created for the awards under Bullhaus Entertainment and it was still under construction after 3 years of launching. Should we take this award organizers serious?

In the open letter, Mr Isaac raised another issue about the awards nomination procedure… “How does the BASS AWARDS nomination work”? He said in his letter that when he went to pick nomination form, he was told to write his artist name, Email, and attached a CD copy of the artist without asking for his contact number, but instead he was told, he will be contacted. He said that after a week of no responds from the organizers as they promised, his doubts about the credibility of the awards organizers kept growing.

Before publishing this article we reached out to Mr Isaac to confirm if the organizers has contacted him. He told as after a week of making several calls to the organizers they finally send him a nomination form. Just think about this, it has been about 3 weeks or more since Mr Isaac went to the organizers office to nominate his artist Shegee Styla.

This is what Mr Isaac want to say to Bass Awards organizers…”SHEGEE STYLA is far better than Reggae, Ragga, Soca, and Dancehall Artist than all of the female dancehall Artistes in Ghana…and even now that she is back since January with 4 solid real definition of Dancehall… BASS AWARDS ,You people need to nominate TALENT and not HYPE ( payola artist) because the genre is a cross-country one and JAMAICAN ARTISTES ,PRODUCERS,SELECTORS AND NEWSPAPERS am in contact with always laughing at us because Ghana don’t support the TALENT which can be exported to stand in Jamaica”.

Furthermore, Mr Isaac ended his letter with well worded hash tone words for the organizers… “Reggae,Ragga & Dancehall isn’t a JOKE GENRE and the whole world are watching and reading your HYPOCRITICAL SCHEME. JAH bless Real talents and make the world recognize TALENT FROM THE MOTHERLAND, AFRICA to the world…. #TALENT_over_hype”
From….. Isaac McPrah ( Ghana Liason of Sanstormz Records in Jamaica,USA,Gemerny,UK)

Reported by Gentlemen radio


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