MzVee Details Why She said She was Dating Four Guys


Lynx Entertainment’s MzVee in an interview has revealed she was joking when she said she was dating four guys.

“First of all I want to tell my fans if I was dating four guys I wouldn’t come and say it on live TV.” She told Peace FM. “Secondly, the presenter who granted the interview is a friend of mine and so we joke around a lot for a second I forget I was on TV and said that. We were having so much fun with the interview and I just said that but it’s nothing like that. I do not have four boyfriends. I can’t handle them. It was just a joke.”

Asked if there was a difference between dating and a relationship she insisted she was not dating anyone or in a relationship.

“I’m not even dating four guys, it was just a joke. Because we were talking about my new video hold me now and she kept asking which boy was at the end of the video and I said ‘You might never know because I have four boyfriends. But it was just a joke and I didn’t know it will be this big.

“I have tried to explain to a few people who asked why I said that and I have explained it was a joke but I know it will pass but I know I brought this on my head. I’m not dating or in a relationship with anybody at all. I’m still single”


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