Six Most trending Taadi Upcoming Artiste with “Swaag”


Six Most trending Taadi Upcoming Artiste with “Swaag”

Aya : Aya Ramzy and Aya Btee coming up as a group known as Aya, They individually have a charismatic personality and flair which reflect a true presentation of an artiste.Their swag predominantly is a part of their image,at many occasion this group always dresses to impress the audience with expensive wears which are always hardly to be seen in the market. They are not just measured with their dress but their stage appearance and their hip hope crazy stage craft.


Sketchez Ayesem: Call him the Ayesem man, a graduate and known as the only decent rapper with no competitor,his name Ayesem throws light on his personal lifestyle, very flexible and it seems he even cant control himself with the over hype feeds from the masses counting him as the Taadi finest rapper at all time, during events, Ayesem is mainly different when it comes to sneakers, shots nikkers and original T.Shirts, he is the only musician who spends a lots of money on his costume than what he charges for gigs.


Ras Ebo : He is the king of the streets at the moment, call him the kuush man, he is the only musician in taadi who can pretend as reggae ,hiplife,dance-all,rap and hilife artiste..he is a true definition of versatility. Ras Ebo has a swaag tag which moves arround him anytime of his presence at any vicinity..He is known as the father of the youth,the ladies choice, Ras ebo is the only artiste who can still win the swag no matter the kind of costume he will put on.


Papa Elliot : He is popularly known with his loud song Takoradi which he featured Ayesem, Papa Elliot has all the swaag when it comes to visuals, he is the only artiste from the Takoradi city who understands brand, Google search will give numerous results of his achievement so far, very simple and gorgeous gentleman, you always see him hidden but behind the scenes he does big things.


Shaker Rhymes : He is known by his dressing than his music, his craft and swag always project a life of a successful super star, Shaker rhymes his a self branded rapper who sees and understand music as an act, he believes in packaging than talents, he is the only musician in the city who is popularly known by his dresses than his music, his fans are mainly the women, guys love his performance and the kind of lyrical content he delivers, jovial and fun to be person. Despite the economy hardship, money or no money, shaker rhymes is always seen as fresh and posed.


Qwesi Flex: His name defines his craft, he is the youngest singer so far in Taadi, his unique singing style gives credit to his brand, Qwesi flex is young in the industry thou but he really understand self packaging, he is seen very neat and cool always,respectful and calm,whose kind of music speaks about Life, Love and Peace, He has a chameleon body swag which switches him from young to grandpa dude when it comes music.



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